Sarasota and Bradenton Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers


Heintz & Becker represents motor vehicle accident victims in Bradenton, Sarasota and the surrounding parts of Florida. Our board-certified civil trial lawyers have decades of experience handling cases involving serious injuries of all types, as well as fatal auto accident cases.

"I know what you're going through, because I've been on both sides of the desk — as a lawyer and as a client. In May of 1974 at the intersection of US 41 and Cortez Road in Bradenton, a car ran a red light and hit me broadside. Unfortunately, I was riding a motorcycle. I lost the big toe on my right foot, and my ankle was fused. I endured over a dozen surgeries and was in a cast for over a year. I know something about pain and suffering. I felt the insurance company was less than fair with me, and I have made it my life's mission to protect others from the unfair tactics used by insurance companies." — Attorney Steven E. Heintz

Dedicated to Helping People Injured by Negligent Drivers

At Heintz & Becker, we take your case personally. We know the tactics the insurance companies use to try to convince you to accept less than what your claim is worth. We are dedicated to making sure you are compensated fairly by your insurer. We handle Florida automobile accidents of all types, including:

In addition to getting justice for people hurt on the roads of Bradenton, Sarasota and the surrounding region, we also represent victims of boating accidents.

Our law firm has established an impressive record of verdicts and settlements. In one case, we recovered $1.1 million for a couple hit on their motorcycle by a negligent driver. The collision led to substantial orthopedic injuries and the loss of the husband's spleen.

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