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There are over 230,000 car accidents in Florida every year. In over 150,000 of these car crashes, people are injured or killed. Given the amount of time that people spend driving, a certain number of accidents is inevitable. However, when these collisions are caused by driver negligence or defective products, victims are entitled to financial compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to offer victims low initial settlements, causing many victims to settle for less than fair compensation for their pain and suffering.

At Heintz & Becker, we have extensive experience helping injured people recover the money they need to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and other losses following a car crash. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced Bradenton and Sarasota car accident injury lawyers, contact Heintz & Becker today. We can level the playing field and help you obtain the compensation to which you are justly entitled.

Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Florida

A variety of factors can result in a serious car accident. Motor vehicle accidents frequently result in serious personal injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and even wrongful death. The most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Driver distraction — talking on the cellphone, adjusting the radio or other devices, talking with passengers, dealing with children or pets, eating or grooming in the car, attempting to retrieve dropped items, etc.
  • Driver impairment — driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (both legal and illegal), sleepiness, illness, etc.
  • Dangerous road conditions — foreign obstacles or substances on the road's surface; pot holes or other road damage; etc.
  • Defective products or mechanical failure — tire blowouts, brake failure, axle failure, etc.
  • Unsafe, excessively high speed

Our personal injury attorneys have helped thousands of injured people in Sarasota, Bradenton and surrounding Florida communities secure millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. With a strong commitment to victims' rights, our attorneys provide personalized service to each of our clients.

Meticulous Accident Investigation/Reconstruction

At Heintz & Becker, our extensive experience and meticulous investigative talents set us apart. Aided by qualified engineers and auto accident reconstructionists, our team will gather the evidence, including photographs and witness statements, needed to show jurors who is at fault. Auto accident reconstruction is particularly useful in complex cases involving vehicular rollover, seat belt failure, or unsafe road design.

Crashworthiness And Auto Defects

Crashworthiness refers to a motor vehicle's capacity to protect its occupants during a collision. Product liability law holds auto manufacturers responsible for known or foreseeable safety hazards that cause vehicles to not offer a certain level of protection during accidents.

Making an automobile crashworthy requires the implementation of safety features designed to minimize occupant injuries, prevent ejection from the vehicle, and reduce the risk of fire. Seat belts, air bags, padded dashboards, shatterproof windows, and collapsible steering columns are the most common crashworthiness features of a car. When flawed or insufficient safety design leads to a serious personal injury, the victim may be entitled to compensation.

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