Bicycle Accidents

blurred image of a car going toward a bicyclist for the bike accident page for Heintz & BeckerAt Heintz & Becker, our board-certified civil trial lawyers have decades of experience representing victims of negligence, including bicyclists hit by cars. Because bicycles offer little protection, these cases often involve serious injuries or wrongful death. Victims in Bradenton, Sarasota and the surrounding parts of Florida come to us for help because of our record of success in these serious and challenging cases.

Our injury law firm has established an impressive record of verdicts and settlements. In one case, we recovered $705,000 for a woman hit while riding her bicycle. The negligent driver took a right turn without looking, hitting the bicyclist and dragging her six feet. The accident resulted in serious injuries, including a broken pelvis and broken leg.

Fighting for Bicyclists Hit in Crosswalks and Roadways

Bike injury accident cases can be challenging because in almost all instances, the insurance company of the driver who hit you will try to avoid paying your claim or push you to settle you claim quickly. This can be especially scary when you are seriously injured, unable to work, and worried about medical bills and other expenses.

Regardless of whether you were legally in the crosswalk or in an open roadway, we can help. Our bicycle accident lawyers are dedicated to holding negligent drivers and their insurers accountable. We are aggressive advocates who are meticulous in our preparation.

Common Causes of Bike Accidents

Bicyclists have a right to use the road, the same as drivers of motor vehicles. Ideally, drivers would be watchful, making certain that their actions do not endanger bike riders. Unfortunately, drivers often fail to respect the rights of bicyclists. While they look for cars, they may take left or right turns and hit bicyclists. They pull out of driveways and parking lots too far and too fast, ignoring the fact that bicycle traffic tends to be closer to the curb.

Bicyclists are also frequently hit when they are using crosswalks. Drivers who are turning may not look for bicyclists riding on sidewalks. Bicyclists need to be vigilant to protect themselves from motor vehicle accidents. Even though you may have the right-of-way, the best way to avoid an accident is to slow down before crossing an intersection.

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