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CRPS/RSD PART 19: Color the World Orange on November 3, 2014 to Raise CRPS/RSD Awareness

On November 3, 2014, the First Annual Color the World Orange day will be celebrated to spread awareness of CRPS/RSD. There have been many efforts to raise awareness about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS, also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD, to promote research and understanding, and ultimately, to help relieve the suffering of the multitudes of people afflicted with this disease. Of those efforts, setting aside the first Monday of November as a day to "Color the World Orange" is gaining momentum and showing great potential for long-term success.

Heintz & Becker Motorcycle Safety Series Part 16: A Critical Reminder to Look Twice for Motorcycles

Just a few days ago Manatee County was the scene of another collision between a car and a motorcycle. The accident occurred at the intersection of 37th Street East and 38th Avenue East. Can you guess how it happened? Once again, the accident report tells us that a 2009 Honda Civic driven by Jennifer Riesenberger, 45, of Sarasota, pulled out to make a left turn at the intersection right into the path of an oncoming 2006 Yamaha motorcycle, leaving a 61-year-old motorcyclist, who name has not been released, in critical condition. Once again, it was an accident that never should have happened. The driver of the car failed to see the motorcycle approaching.

NHTSA Issues Urgent Exploding Airbag Warning - Is Your Vehicle on the Recall List?

Earlier this year we posted a Blog telling you about defective "Takata" airbags that had exploded resulting in gruesome injuries and deaths. In response to the exploding airbag problem, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota issued massive recalls of vehicles that contained the Takata airbags and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched its own investigation. In the latest news concerning exploding airbags, the NHTSA has published a list of vehicles requiring IMMEDIATE ACTION. Is your vehicle on the list?

CRPS/RSD PART 18: The Calmare® Pain Therapy Device - a New Treatment that Seeks to "Scramble" Nerve Signals to Relieve Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), is a chronic condition that can develop after an injury that results in persistent pain when, for some reason, a person's brain continues to send pain signals to the body despite the fact that their initial injury has healed. Treating this pain with narcotic pain killers may provide temporary symptom relief, but won't help resolve the underlying condition. For people suffering from chronic pain, a new treatment called the Calmare® Pain Therapy Device a/k/a the "Scrambler" is starting to get a lot of attention, including a recent feature on the Emmy® award winning TV program "The Doctors." This new form of treatment is different because it is focused not on treating pain systems, but on stopping the underlying pain signals themselves.

One Person, One Accident, One Life Forever Changed

Sunday's Bradenton Herald featured a short six-sentence "Police Brief" that caught our attention: "Bradenton Motorcyclist Loses Leg in Crash." All that the story told us was that the motorcycle driver ran into the back of a car and ended up losing their leg. That got us thinking - this is not just a "Police Brief" - it is a real life person, with a real life family, whose life will never be the same.

Here's an Idea: Unplug and Log Off in your Vehicle and Just Focus on Driving

For many, getting behind the wheel of a car is not just a time to focus on driving. It's also a time to get connected, catch up on messages, check what is happening on social network pages, and tune in to the breaking news. Why waste your time just driving when the latest "In-Vehicle Infotainment System" or "IVI" with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, high definition touchscreens and voice activated hands-free features can deliver a constant flow of messages, entertainment and information?

Michael Phelps' Apologies for Drunk Driving Just Not Good Enough This Time

Michael Phelps was 19 years old when he was arrested for drunk driving for the first time. He apologized back then, saying after his drunk driving arrest, "I made a mistake . . . getting in a car with anything to drink is wrong, dangerous and unacceptable." Five years later he was photographed smoking marijuana and issued more apologies. Now, ten years after his previous drunk driving arrest, Michael Phelps, at age 28, has been arrested once again for drunk driving, and is offering up yet another round of apologies.

CRPS/RSD PART 17: Chronic Pain Sufferers will soon find Medications Containing Hydrocodone Harder to Get

A new rule will soon make it more difficult for chronic pain sufferers to get medications containing hydrocodone.  Hydrocodone Combination Products ("HCPs") are the most frequently prescribed medications in the United States.  They are also some of the most addictive and potentially dangerous prescription medications available, with high rates of abuse, overdose, and death.  In an effort to make it harder to prescribe HCPs, the Drug Enforcement Administration ("DEA") is reclassifying HCPs from Schedule III Drugs to Schedule II Drugs. 

Palmetto Boy who Unbuckled Himself for "Just a Moment" Ejected from Vehicle and Seriously Injured

It took only a moment for the accident to happen on a recent Monday morning in Palmetto. Sitting in a booster seat with his mother driving him and another child to school, 5-year-old Adam Aguilar reportedly unbuckled himself to try to pick up something he had dropped. At that instant his mother arrived at the intersection of 29th Street NE and 16th Avenue. She had a green light and was on her way through when her vehicle was hit by a semi-tractor trailer being driven by 55-year-old Ralph Johnson of Ellenton after Johnson reportedly ran a red light.

National Seat Check Saturday is September 20, 2014 - Do you know if Your Child's Car Seat is Installed Correctly?

As part of this year's Child Passenger Safety Week, September 20, 2014 has been designated "National Seat Check Saturday". One of the top providers of child safety seat help and information is Safe Kids. Our local Safe Kids organization is Safe Kids Florida Suncoast, led by St. Petersburg's All Children's Hospital, which provides a wide variety of services aimed at keeping children safe, including car-seat checkups and safety workshops.