Accidents Caused by Dangerous Roads

If someone has been hurt or a life has been lost in a car accident, Heintz Law’s car accident attorneys will find a way to help. We will conduct a thorough investigation to find a source of compensation. If we determine a car accident was caused or made worse by a problem with the road, we may take action. We may take legal action against the municipality in charge of the road, the construction company working on the road, or another party. The experience possessed by our car accident attorneys helps us investigate all possible options and opportunities that need to be considered in these complex cases. Contact our team today.

Determining if Improperly Designed Roads Contributed to Your Crash

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Rules and regulations exist regarding all aspects of road design, from the proper placement of centerlines to how far power line poles must be from the shoulder. Our lawyers know how to quickly determine if defective road design played a role in a motor vehicle accident. Our car accident attorneys know what action to take if a dangerous road condition caused or contributed to your injuries.

Construction Zone Car Accidents

There is always construction going on somewhere in Bradenton or Sarasota. Unfortunately, many dangerous road cases we handle involve construction zone injuries.

Often, these accidents result from how the construction zone was set up. Before road construction can begin, a maintenance traffic plan should be established to divert cars properly. A poor plan, or a plan that has been poorly executed with the haphazard placement of traffic cones and barricades, can lead to serious auto accidents.

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