Refunds During COVID-19

With so many adjustments, closings, and cancellations related to the coronavirus, demands for refunds and reimbursements are popping up everywhere.

Colleges and universities all over the country are being bombarded with calls, and in some cases slapped with lawsuits, asking for partial reimbursement for tuition. Many students claim online learning just doesn’t make the grade.

Trying to get a refund on your gym membership? that may be an exercise in frustration depending on where you belong.
Some clubs immediately froze memberships when the co-vid crisis started heating up.
Others continue to withdraw money every month… And the only thing they’ve suspended is communicating with members.

And what about those concert tickets? Elton John, The Stones, Chicago, the shows are all canceled.
Now, Ticketmaster and StubHub have both been accused of changing their refund policies to avoid repaying customers, it’s a move that has drawn the attention of more than one state attorney general.

On the other side of the coin, you have insurance companies
Already refunding partial premiums, banks offering flexibility on monthly mortgages, and utilities open to payment plans….

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