Trampoline Park Safety

As parents, a lot of us take our children to trampoline parks or jump zones.  They certainly appear safe with all the padding on the springs and foam jump pits. 

However, did you know in 2017 injuries at jump zones resulted in 18,000 emergency room visits?  In the last 7 years, six people have died as a result of injuries received in these trampoline parks.

What makes trampolines unsafe?  Parks are usually open for those ages 5 years and up.  There is a high risk of springs or fractures in the arms or legs, as well as head and neck injuries.  The American Academy of Pediatrics strong discourages the use of trampolines at home. 

People who have jumped into shallow foam pits have sustained broken necks and other serious life-threatening injuries including paralysis.  If the pit is not deep enough and you strike your head on a hard surface, a fractured neck can result.  These injuries sometimes result in lifelong paralysis.  Never jump in a foam pit where there is even the slightest chance your head could strike the bottom.

Head and neck injuries account for up to 17 percent of all trampoline injuries.  One out of every 200 trampoline injuries results in neurological damage.  Most injuries occur when multiple people are on the mat.  The safest is for one person to jump at a time with multiple spotters.  Also, avoid somersaults and flips on the trampoline. 

Most of these trampoline parks advertise to drop your kids off for the evening.  It sounds like a great way for mom and dad to have a night out.  But at what cost?  Are all the staff watching the young kids jump on the same mat as the older kids?  Are they making sure they are avoiding somersaults?  Are they monitoring how high they jump?  Are they monitoring every time they jump in a foam pit?  What if two siblings start arguing or trying to outdo the other?  Sibling rivalry is a part of growing up.  What is not a part of growing up is when it gets to the point where one child is seriously injured.

If you, someone you know or someone you love has sustained injuries in a trampoline park, please contact the law office of Heintz & Becker, 941-748-2916.  You will receive courteous and prompt attention from our team.

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